Corporate Travel Account

T&E second only to payroll as the largest business expense
  • Global hotel rates and air fares forecast to rise by 2.5% and 0.5% respectively in 2017*
  • Majority of companies report at least 20% of expenses are in violation of T&E policy**
  • 5% of employees commit 82% of all fraud**
  • Corporate Travel Account (CTA) delivers simplicity, security and insight
  • Centrally capture T&E spend with single monthly billing
  • Card-less system increases control, reduces fraud and avoids lengthy card roll-out
  • Powerful reporting and policy insight through Global Vision
  • A wealth of experience and expertise of Diners Club in commercial payments
  • More than 30 years delivering commercial payments solutions around the world
  • 60,000+ corporate travel accounts worldwide
  • Trusted by some of the world’s most successful businesses (Sony, Parmalat, Fujitsu, DHL, Novo Nordisk, Nike, Danone, Heineken, HITACHI etc.)
  • What is a Corporate Travel Account?

    A plastic card-less, centrally-billed

    and streamlined payment system used to capture and manage travel-related costs

    Account information is stored

    or «lodged» at a Travel Management Company and used with airline or other supplier

    Charges are made to one account

    for each of your clients; thousands of transactions per month can be processed onto a single CTA

    CTA Scheme: information and financial flows

    Client orders services to Travel Company in compliance with internal travel rules and policies
    Travel Management Company books services/tickets in their systems with CTA, provides details of business trips (travel invoice file) to the Bank
    Through Corporate Travel Account the payments of the tickets, hotels, etc. are processed by the issuing Bank
    Bank makes payments processing , reconciles transactions and travel invoice file data
    Bank provides regular CTA statement- invoice and enhanced data to the Client
    Client receives the statement and pays the debt
    Client access Global Vision ® Diners Club for detailed Management Information and reports

    Key parameters and benefits

    • Positive cash flow
    • Beneficial lending terms and conditions
    • Simplified documentary flow
    • Improved reporting
    • Data import to ERP systems
    • Increased control over business travel expenses
    • Optimized payment processes
    • Comprehensive and up-to-date MI reporting
    • Compliance with internal travel policies
    • Simplified business travel procedures
    • Compliance with internal rules and procedures
    • Centralized booking process
    • Insurance and assistance during the trip
    Corporate Travel Account (CTA) – a card-less central travel account designed for any business entity that needs to purchase airline tickets or other related travel services through a designated Travel Management Company . No cards are issued to corporate employees.

    More insight through data in Global Vision®

    Global Vision ® Diners Club — web based management information system that provides quick access to business travel expenditure reports.

    This system is a unique advantage of Diner Club products, provided by Russian Standard Bank.

    Main benefits Global Vision®

    • Online access to data important for management decision making
    • Key information for strong negotiations with suppliers
    • Data available for last 36 months (no matter if supplier have been changed)
    • Access anywhere internet connection is available
    • The ability to differentiate access to different categories of data
    • Capability to download data directly to company’s ERP systems

    Reports examples

    • Comparison of costs of different periods
    • Reports of expenditure, structured by category
    • Analysis of expenses for counterparties, departments, regions
    • Report on used and unused cards
    • Expenses detailes for any selected card account or employee
    • Benchmarking costs with industry trends

    What a Client and a TMC gain from CTA?

    TMC — Client
    • Security & Control
    • Risks reduction
    • Savings
    • Simplified processes/procedures
    • Costs optimization
    • Savings
    • Safety & Security
    • Simplified processes/procedures
    Central billing
    • Single payment
    • Flexible cycles
    No receivables collection
    Improved payment capabilities
    • No multiple travel invoices
    • Airline is a merchant

    Improved payment discipline

    Short clearing process: 3 days

    Increased cash flow
    • Positive impact on financials
    Less cash flow gaps and loans expenses
    Compliance in travel spend
    • Spend done via designated Agency/ Hotel
    • Detailed reporting (Global Vision)
    • Easy travel management
    Optimizing negotiations with clients
    Security and compliance
    • All cashless travel expenses
    • Can not be lost or stolen
    • No multiple card numbers
    PCI DSS compliance***
    Credit risk managed by Bank

    * Source: CWT/GBTA 2016 Global Travel Price Outlook

    ** Source : Certify / Proformative 2015 T&E Expense Benchmarking Survey

    *** Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Less need to store sensitive card information in TMC back office systems (one account instead of multiple card accounts).

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